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Power of Attorney – Mandate 38 KB
Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. Investment Agreement 111 KB
Power of Attorney 55 KB
Narrative Form 48 KB
Declaration of intention to settle in Quebec 542 KB
Application for Selection Certificate 337 KB
List of documents to enclose with your application for a selection certificate based on category 840 KB
Declaration applicant investors 338 KB


|     Canada Program    |


Note:  As of June 19, 2014, applications in the backlog of the federal immigrant investor program were terminated. This does not apply to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.


Generic Application Form for Canada (march 2017) new document 497 KB
 Additional Dependants Declaration 425 KB
 Additional Family Information 570 KB
 Schedule A – Background / Declaration 776 KB
Schedule 6 - Economic Classes - Business Immigrants 728 KB
Instruction Guide Applying for Permanent Residence Business Class Applicants 816 KB
Appendix A Checklist 816 KB
Access to Information Personal Information Request (IMM 5563)
Use of a Representative (Please note that we will no longer be accepting the Authority to Release Personal Information to a Designated Individual – IMM 5475 or the Use of Representative – IMM 5476 for ATIP purposes.) 649 KB
Fee Payment Form - Application for Permanent Residence 634 KB


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